How to purchase products:

One of two ways,  give us a call at 503-436-0475, and we can take all the info over the phone, and make sure we have the size and colors that you want,or contact us to email the item, color, size, shipping address and phone number, and either we can call you for your credit card info, or you can call us.

Page updated 7-29-2020




7 till 8 wetsuits….  all are sewn, glued and taped, as wetsuits should be!  Great Value, tough suits and comfortable!

( Where did the name 7till 8 come from…. that’s when it glasses off!”)

Womens size 6,  5/3 front zip hooded suit   $275


Mens  XL, 5/3 front zip hooded   $275

Mens XLT ,  5/3 front zip hooded     $275