Wednesday Morning

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Didn’t do a report yesterday, just too damn busy to even get out and look at the ocean…… just wrong!  This morning,  went south to Hug Point, small surf, but looking pretty clean and fun in certain spots…..   Morning, WSW 3ft@ 5.1 – 11 sec’s with light ESE winds, air temp around 59 and mostly sunny with the water temp at 56. Low tide was at 6:07am, and sunrise at 7:18am.  Later today W 2ft@ 8 sec’s with N winds 5-10mph, high of 69 and sunny with hight tide at 12:20pm.  Tonight W 2ft@ 8 sec’s with light E winds, low of 45 and clear, low tide at 6:32am, and sunset at 6:49pm.  

Thursday: WSW 2ft@10 sec’s with NNE winds 5-10mph, low of 44, high of 68, sunny and 0% chance of rain
Friday: WNW 4-6ft@ 8 sec’s with NW winds 5-10mph, 50/64, mostly sunny and 10%
Saturday: NW 6-7ft@ 8 sec’s with NW winds 10-15mph, 48/61, partly cloudy and 20%
Sunday: NW 10-12ft@ 8 sec’s with NNW winds 10-15mph, 44/60, AM 40%
Monday: NW 7-8ft@ 10 sec’s with NE winds 10-15mph, 48/65, sunny and 0%
Tuesday: NW 4ft@ 10 sec’s with ENE winds 5-10mph, 48/67, mostly sunny and 0%

Getting ready for the annual rental equipment sale on Saturday… should have it all on the “used” page on our website by Friday afternoon…..