Wednesday Late Morning

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Late one this morning,  delivery driver was late….. pushed our schedules back…..when you are old, schedule changes are not as easy to deal with……. not that I am old, but Sandy sure is!!  This morning WNW 6.9ft@ 5.9-9 sec’s with W winds 5-10mph, about 52 and cloudy but dry so far.  Water temp at 53.6, low tide was at 4:42am, and high tide at 11am.  Later today NW 7-8ft@ 8 sec’s with WNW winds 10-15mph, high of 55, cloudy and 40% chance of rain. Low tide at 5:24pm.  Tonight NW 8+ft@ 8 sec’s with WSW winds 5-10mph, low of 45, clouds and 70% chance of rain.   
Last week, I had mentioned that we had a great trip to the city up north, and that we had been to a couple of great restaurants…..   On thursday night, took our granddaughters to dinner at a great steak house in Arlington, Buzz In Steaks……  have to say the company was great, but so was the food!   Everything from steaks to chowder, all good!!  The next morning, we ventured south to meet up with our son for breakfast, he picked a place he had not been, but was really good!!  Randy’s Rest. at 10016 E Marginal Way S, near Boeing field…. If you  have a military background or love airplanes and good food, this is the place… if you are really not a fan of either of those… don’t go…… we are fans, so for us it was a great time!  Really good food, great service and good prices, and they are open 24hours!  

Thursday: NW 7-8ft@ 8 sec’s with WSW winds 15-20mph, low of 38, high of 50 , cloudy and 80% chance of rain.
Friday: NW 6-7ft@ 10 sec’s with SE winds 5-10mph, 34/48, clouds and 60%
Saturday: NW 2-3ft@ 12 sec’s with SSE winds 10-15mph,  39/48, clouds and 60%
Sunday: NW 3ft @ 12 sec’s with E winds 10-15mph, 36/48, clouds and 90%
Monday: NW 3-4ft@ 15 sec’s with SSE winds 5-10mph, 40/50, partly cloudy and 20%
Tuesday: SW 6-8ft@ 10 sec’s with SSE winds 15-20mph, 43/51, cloudy and  40%

This weekend is the Annual Stormy Weather Arts Festival in Cannon Beach….. Great times!!