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Tillamook Head, 8’6″  22 1/2″ X 3″ 16 1/2″nose, 14 1/2″ tail, single fin, old style.  Board was shaped by Dan Matthews,  #164, According to Mr. Matthews, this was shaped in 1969 at the old shop near the HWY 101 and HWY 26 intersection. Volan glass.  In very good condition.  Collector board for this area!  As is… $500



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9’0″ Robert August “What I Ride” Model 

22 1/2″ X 3″, 17 3/4″ nose, 15 1/4″ tail,  2+1 Future Fin set up, concave nose

Was used for one day at a Demo event in Huntingbeach.

$750 with new fins and leash


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7’6″ Robert August  “What I ride” model

22″ X 3″, 17 1/2″ nose, 13 1/2″ tail, concave nose, 2+1 future fins

was used one day at a demo event in Huntington Beach

$750 with new fins and leash


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5’8″ Robert August  “Fun Dip” model

21″ X 2 1/2″, 18″ nose,  16 3/4″ tail, quad fin set up.

This was used for one day at a demo event in Huntington Beach

$725 with new fins and leash

8’4″ Strive (imported), 2+1 fins with Bag and Leash,  Ready to go


8′ Robert August “Wingnut II”

22 1/2″ X 3″,  17 1/2″N, 14 1/2″ T Single fin, clear, polished

$735  with fin and new leash

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Listed are some of the old boards hanging around the shop.

These are NOT FOR SALE

Just thought you might like to know

what they are….  not the best pictures..

6’4″ OP Sunwear promo board,  early 70’s

9’8″ McGill (Seaside)  done in epoxy for lightness, was custom

made for a very close friend Jack Brown, and was the last board he had at his house. Towards the end of his surfing, Jack’s back was getting bad , so he was looking for the lightest longboard he could find.  Several people built boards for him, but this one he kept.

Hanging over the counter is this old refinished Wardy,  built sometime between 64-66 and probably shaped by John Thurston.

From 59-79 there was a Wardy Shop at 1610 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, this board probably came from that shop.

Fred Wardy started the Surfboard company in the late 50’s, and had 3 shops in Ca., 1 in Hawaii and even 1 on the East Coast.

This old Tillamook Head (Seaside) was found by one of our customers and brought in.  It was being used as a life preserver on a fishing boat he was working on.  7’6″ pretty beat up, hanging over the back door of the shop….

This Natural Progression Surfboard hanging by the dressing room was shaped by Robbie Dick in the early 70’s he thinks, was a “Pro Series” model, in very nice shape.

Kelsey Surfboards, were shaped by a guy named John Kelsey from Riddle, Or. He was making boards around the Agate Beach area from the late 60’s to the early 70’s

This is a 12′ wooden hollow core paddle board.  Was made by the Sport Craft Company in Aberdeen, Wa.  this is the

Surf King model.  Still trying to find info on this company

Board is original and great shape!

One of my Custom boards, this one was shaped by

Robert August in 2001,  11ft, “What I ride ” model

11ft.  Phil Edwards, was custom made for me in Aug. 1998, just before I left the corporate world.  We were making alot of Kahlua boards then with Henry Ford at Stewart and Hobie  (about 60) and giving most of them away at the contests we were sponsoring or other promotions,  so I had this one made for me….. 3 stringer, wood tail block, surfed it for a couple years, great board!

9’6″ Jensen (Seaside),  mid 60’s, this one is #1007

Tillamook Head (Seaside) 7′ single fin, late 60’s early 70’s

pretty rough,  a buddy brought it in years ago as part of a trade on a new board….. gonna keep it….

10′ Raven, # 910963, 23 1/2″ X 3,  2 stringer, shaped by

Matt Calvani,  was owned by Bob Malo here in CB

Came from the Raven surf shop in Seaside

9’6″ Raven, #970119, custom 2 stringer with glassed in fin,

23 1/4″ X 2 7/8″,  shaped by Matt Calvani from the old Raven surf shop in Seaside, was owned by Jim Malo.

10’4″ Linden custom Balsa board,  Gary Linden built it , and added a glassed in fin made of purple heart wood, along with a purple heart tail block,  still ride this from time to time…..