Tuesday Morning, kids free surf day changed.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Yes…. Looking at the forecast for Thursday Morning,  we are going to postpone the Free Kids Surf Day to Wednesday the 29th at 10am.  This Thursday there is a 90% chance of some rain and wind, and I just don’t think some parents or kids would enjoy standing out in the weather.  Next thursday the 29th, is calling for some morning clouds and 10% chance of rain with a high of 67.  

This morning, sunrise was at 5:25am, first full day of Summer, minus low tide at 8:10am, with W swell 3ft@ 7 sec’s with light NW winds, water temp at 56.  Later , WNW l3-4ft@ 8 sec’s with NW winds 5-10mph, gusts to 15mph, high of 64 and partly cloudy with high tide at 2:40pm.  This evening, WNW 3-4ft@ 10 sec’s with light NW winds, low tide at 8:04p with sunset at 9:09p, low of 50, mostly cloudy and 0% chance of rain

Wednesday: W 3ft@ 12 sec’s with light W winds, low of 53, high of 64, clouds and 20% chance of rain
Thursday: W 4ft@ 8 sec’s with WNW winds 5-13mph, 51/61, clouds and 90% rain
Friday: W 4+ft@ 10 sec’s with WSW winds 5-12mph, 50/64, am 50%
Saturday: W 4ft@ 10 sec’s with N winds 5-10mph, 52/68, partly cloudy and 10%
Sunday: W 3-4ft@ 10 sec’s with NW winds 5-12mph, 53/70, mostly sunny and 10%
Monday: WNW 3-4ft@ 10 sec’s with NNW winds 5-12mph, 53/68, am clouds and pm sun, 10%