Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Wind and rain this morning……  43, with WSW 12.1ft@ 8.1-10 sec’s and SSW winds 15-20mph.  Water temp at 50.7,high tide was at 2:36am, sunrise at 7:43am and low tide at 8:09am.  This afternoon WSW 13ft@13 sec’s with SW winds 10-25mph, high of 50 with 60% chance of rain and wind. High tide at 1:46pm.  Tonight WSW 13ft@14 sec’s with S winds 15-25mph, low of 47, 100% chance of rain and wind. Sunset at 5:15pm and low tide at 8:32pm.
Fun times at the Dentist and Accountant yesterday…. actually, it is nice when both of these guys have been working with you for years…. makes it “better”…   Alexandroff Dental and Ulbricht Accounting……wouldn’t change these 2 for anything!

Wednesday: WSW 11ft@13 sec’s with S winds 15-20mph, low of 43, high of 51, clouds and 100% chance of rain
Thursday: W 11ft @ 15 sec’s with S winds 10-15mph, 50/53, clouds and 100%
Friday: WSW 11ft@13 sec’s with SSW winds 20-30mph, 90% rain and wind
Saturday: WSW 15ft@ 12 sec’s  with SSW winds 20-30mph, 41/50, 60% rain and wind
Sunday: WNW 7ft@ 12 sec’s with WNW winds 15-20mph, 41/46, 50% T storms
Monday: WNW 10ft@ 12 sec’s with N winds 5-10mph, 39/47, partly cloudy and 10%