Thursday Morning

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Didn’t get a chance to get out to check the surf yesterday morning, just too many things going on….. the afternoon, had the joy of repairing the damaged boards from the weekend….. So, this morning, 52 and cloudy, had some drizzle earlier, West swell 3.9ft@ 8.1-20 sec’s with light S winds, water temp at 55.8. Sunrise was at 5:41am,  and minus low tide at 8:54am.  Later today WNW 3ft@15 sec’s with WSW winds 5-10mph, high of 58, cloudy and 10% chance of rain, high tide at 3:20pm.  Tonight WNW 3-4ft@ 15 sec’s with SW winds 5-10mph, low of 47, partly cloudy and 20% chance of rain. 

Friday: W 3ft@15 sec’s with WNW winds 5-10mph, low of 47, high of 59, mostly sunny and 20% chance of rain
Saturday: W 2-3ft@15 sec’s with NNW winds 10-12mph, 50/60, partly cloudy and 10%
Sunday: WSW 3-4ft@ 12 sec’s with NW winds 10-15mph, 49/58, partly cloudy and 10%
Monday: W 3-4ft@ 12 sec’s with NNW winds 15-20mph, 49/60, partly cloudy and 10%
Tuesday: NW 4-5ft@ 12 sec’s with NNW winds 10-15mph, 53/66, sunny and 10%
Wednesday: NW 6-8ft@ 12 sec’s with WNw winds 10-15mph, 52/58, mostly sunny and 0%