Thursday Morning

Thursday, December 21, 2017

First picture is the sunset last night…..
This morning, Winter Solstice was at 8:28am, shortest day of the year, and Lisa,  one of my younger sister’s Birthday today! Poor kid is in Kona celebrating…!  Happy Birthday!!
Also, our Fire Chief is back from 16 days down at the Thomas Fire in the Santa Barbara area… glad to have all of our Oregon Firefighters back for Christmas!
Nice and cold this morning,  32 and partly cloudy, NW swell 10.2ft@ 8.3-10 sec’s with Light S winds, water temp a balmy 51.3, high tide was at 2:35am, sunrise at 7:54am, and low tide at 8am.  Later today NW 8ft@ 10 sec’s with light S winds, high of 45 and partly cloudy with high tide at 1:30pm and sunset at 4:33pm.  Tonight NW 6-7ft @ 10 sec;’s with light S winds, low of 38 and cloudy with 50% chance of rain, low tide at 8:28pm.

Friday: NW 5ft@ 10 sec’s with light S winds, low of 35, high of 46, clouds and 80% chance of rain
Saturday: SW 3ft@ 12 sec’s with E winds 10-15mph, 34/42, partly cloudy and 20% 
Sunday: SW 6-7ft@ 12 sec’s with E winds 10-12mph, 36/41, am clouds and 40%
Monday, Christmas Day: W 8-10ft@ 13 sec’s with NE winds 5-10mph, 36/46, partly cloudy and 10%
Tuesday: NW 12ft@ 15 sec’s with N winds 5-10mph, 37/45, clouds and 40% PM
Wednesday: NW 7-8ft@ 15 sec’s with E winds 5-10mph, 35/45, clouds and 50%