AS of 10/24/18,  we no longer rent Surfboards, Boogie Boards or Skimboards    Please call Julie Adams at 503-791-3515 for rentals and reservations



6’1″ Al Merrick “Joe” quad

7′ Boardworks “Monkey Wrench” Tri fun shape   2 available

7’6″ Boardworks ” Monkey Wrench” Tri, fun shape   2 available

6’10 Linden Compressor,  2+1 fin set up


8′ Boardworks ” Monkey Wrench”   2 available

8′ Linden “Catalina”,  Tri,

8′ Linden  “GLP”,  Tri

8’6″ Linden “Catalina”



9′ Boardworks  “Froth”,  soft deck  2 available


9′ Linden  HP,   2+1 fin set up……

9′ Dewey Weber  “Stylist” single fin

9′ Dewey Weber “Performer”  single fin

9’6″ Linden HP, rounded pin, 2+1


9’6″ Boardworks “Chisel”


9’6″ Dewey Weber “Performer” single fin


10′ Dewey Weber “Stylist”  single fin



10’6″ Bic SUP,  2 available





Not Pictured,  11ft Soft Top….




7′ Makai   )   GREAT FOR KIDS,



If you reserve boards with a credit card, and fail to pick them up or call, we will charge for one days rental.



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