Our total surf package includes a wetsuit, booties, gloves and surfboard.

Rental Rates:   2017 Day Price *  2nd Day  Price*
 Surf Package includes, Wetsuit, Booties, Gloves and Surfboard, or SUP.
 Total  Surf Package $45 $60
Just a Fiberglass / Epoxy board, no wetsuit etc. $35 $50
 Boogie or Soft Board Package $35 $50
Just a boogie board $20 $35
SUP Package, wetsuit, board, paddle etc $45 $60
Just an SUP & paddle $35 $50
Wetsuit, booties + Gloves $15 $25
Skim Boards $20 $30
Booties or Gloves each` $5 $10
Metal Detector $15 $25
Military Discount -$5 -$5
Beach Umbrella $15 $20
Beach Chair $10 $15

* Day Price: Bring gear back before close the same day * 2nd day price: Bring gear back by closing on the 2nd day.

Our goal has been to offer the best “rental boards” on the coast. We are constantly working with our shapers to build a durable board, made in the USA. You will notice that the majority of our boards are built by Gary Linden.  Our Epoxy Boards are made by either Dewey Weber or Boardworks.   Our rental Boogie Boards are made by JL Designs

in Oceanside , Ca

We only hold reservations for boards until noon, then it is first come…..

 PARTIAL List of our Rentals currently available:

6’1″ Al Merrick “Joe” quad

7′ Boardworks “Monkey Wrench” Tri fun shape   2 available

7’6″ Boardworks ” Monkey Wrench” Tri, fun shape   2 available

6’10 Linden Compressor,  2+1 fin set up


8′ Boardworks ” Monkey Wrench”   2 available

8′ Linden “Catalina”,  Tri,

8′ Linden  “GLP”,  Tri

8’6″ Linden “Catalina”

8’6″ Linden “Catalina”  2+1 fin set up


9′ Boardworks  “Froth”,  soft deck  2 available

9′ Boardworks  “Chisel”    4 available

9′ Linden  HP,   2+1 fin set up……

9′ Dewey Weber  “Stylist” single fin

9′ Dewey Weber “Performer”  single fin

9’6″ Linden HP, rounded pin, 2+1


9’6″ Boardworks “Chisel”


9’6″ Dewey Weber “Performer” single fin


10′ Dewey Weber “Stylist”  single fin



10’6″ Bic SUP,  2 available





Not Pictured,  11ft Soft Top….




7′ Makai   )   GREAT FOR KIDS,



If you reserve boards with a credit card, and fail to pick them up or call, we will charge for one days rental.



Metal Detectors