Sunday Morning

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Beautiful morning, took the morning drive up to Indian Beach, lower parking lot was full….. so, just took some pics from the outlook, much more mellow.,.,.,…  This morning 55 and sunny, West swell 4.3ft@ 8-10 sec’s with E winds 5-10mph, water temp 56-58, high tide was at 5a, sunrise at 6:31am and low tide at 10:48am.  Later today, 74 and sunny with NW swell 3-4ft@ 10-12 sec’s with N winds 10-20mph, high tide at 5p.   Tonight NW 3-4ft@ 10 sec’s with NE winds 10-15mph, low of 59 and clear, sunset at 8:02p and low tide at 11:44pm.

Monday: NW 4ft@14 sec’s with WSW winds 5-10mph, low of 55, high of 77, sunny and 0% chance of rain.
Tuesday: NW 3-4ft@12 sec’s with SW winds 10-15mph, 54/66, partly cloudy and 10%
Wednesday: W 2ft@12 sec’s with W winds 10-15mph, 56/68, am clouds 10%, pm sun
Thursday :  W 3-4ft @ 13 sec’s with NNW winds 10-15mph, 52/68, am clouds and 10%, pm sun
Friday: W 3ft@10 sec’s with N winds 15-20mph, 54/71, sunny and 10%
Saturday: WNW 3-4ft@ 12 sec’s with N winds 15-20mph, 55/73, sunny and 0%