SUNDAY Morning

Sunday, July 30, 2017

No report for Saturday, was just too busy to get out….  and I might add, had some very “interesting” people….. even asked on couple to please go to another shop in the area next time you are down from Seattle…..yes…. “Interesting” was the key word yesterday.  Today, another day, and hoping for some fun times.  Morning fog and drizzle, with West swell 2.6ft@ 14 sec’s and light NNE winds.  Water temp still on the cold side, 55 or so….. Sunrise was at 5:56am, high tide at 6:29am.  Later today,  W 3ft@ 16 sec’s with NNW winds 10-20mph, high of 66 and mostly sunny today, low tide at 12:19pm.  Tonight W 3-4ft@ 16 sec’s with N winds 10-20mph, low of 51 and mostly clear tonight. High tide at 6:47p and sunset at 8:47pm.

Looks like we are in for some hot weather this week, especially Wednesday and Thursday….. going to be very hot in the city……

Monday: NW 3-4ft@ 16 sec’s with N winds 15-20mph, low of 52, high of 71, sunny and 10% chance of rain
Tuesday: NW 3-4ft@ 14 sec’s with N winds 15-20mph, 59/76, sunny and 0%
Wednesday: NW 3-4ft@ 14 sec’s with N winds 15-20mph, 66/87, 0%
Thursday: NW 3ft@ 14 sec’s with N winds 10-15mph, 58/84, 0%
Friday: NW 4-5ft@ 14 sec’s with WSW winds 10-15mph, 55/74, 0%
Saturday: NW 5-6ft@ 16 sec’s with WNW winds 10-15mph, 54/69  partly cloudy and 0%