Sunday afternoon

Sunday, July 1, 2018

We will just say it has been a busy Canada Day.  Busy morning doing other “stuff”.   Right now , we have a WNW swell 5.2ft@ 5.6-8 sec’s and NW winds 15+mph, high of 59 and mostly cloudy.  tonight will be about 52 cloudy and 30%.  High tide is at 4:36p, sunset at 9:09p and low tide at 10:09pm
I will be out of the shop Monday and possibly Tuesday, but our fine staff will be able to help you (probably much better than I!)

Monday, AM NW 5ft@ 8 sec’s , by noon NW 6-7ft@ 8 sec’s and NW winds 10-20mph, high of 62, cloudy and 40% chance of rain, PM NW 7ft28 sec’s.

While we were sitting on the beach earlier,  a lone Canadian Honker landed and walked up to within 20 ft of us…. pretty cool , since it is Canada Day..!