saturday morning

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Little late this morning…..  busy….  you know……   Cloudy and 55, earlier a light rain SW swell 3-4ft@ 5 sec’s with WSW  winds 5-10mph, water temp at 57, surprise was at 5:30am, high tide at 5a and low tide at 11:50am.  Looking pretty junky and blown out this morning.  Later today, W 3ft@ 6 sec’s with SW winds 5-12mph, high of 62, cloudy and 20% chance of rain, high tide at 6:41pm.  This evening, W 3-4ft@ 8 sec’s with SW winds 5-10mph, low of 51 and 50% chance of rain.  Sunset at 8:35pm.

Sunday: W 3ft@ 10 sec’s with NW winds 5-10mph, low of 48, high of 62, am clouds and 20% chance of rain, pm sunshine.
Monday, Memorial Day: W 3ft@ 10 sec’s with N winds 5-12mph, 51/67, partly cloudy and 0 % 
Tuesday: WNW 2-3ft@ 12 sec’s with NNE winds 5-10mph, 56/78 Mostly Sunny and 0%
Wednesday: WSW 3-4ft@ 13 sec’s with light NNW winds, 54/70, partly cloudy and 0%
Thursday: SW 3-4ft@ 15 sec’s with light SW winds, 53/65, clouds and 50%
Friday: SW 3-4ft@ 15 sec’s with light SW winds, 53/67, partly cloudy and 0%

My son saw this advertisement, and thought it reminded him of something I would say….. guess he knows me a bit better than I give credit,  but had to share, because it does go along with the way I feel about “Memorial Day Sales”…..  But, that being said, if you are around Cannon Beach, and want to buy some Poppies made by Disabled Vets, they are available in the Beach Store side, donations accepted!!


Hey Gang,

Instead of cluttering your inbox with yet another HUGE Memorial Day sale offer, I thought I would reach out to everyone to wish you safe travels and good times this weekend.

Something has never sat right with me about using a holiday meant to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the building of our Nation to offer a killer discount on a t-shirt, so we will not be running any sales this weekend.

Instead, on what is typically a slow weekend in online retail, we plan on taking advantage of the time to hit up some baseball games, drink a couple (ok…a shitload) of cold beers, reconnect with family & friends, remember buddies lost on the field of battle, and do a whole lot of nada.

I hope you all are able to do the same this weekend. Decompress, unplug, get outside, and enjoy what a great country we live in because of the sacrifices made by the fallen.

We all know that they wouldn’t want it any other way.


                                                                                  Got Your 6,
                                                                                    Pete Bell
                                                                               Inkfidel Founder