Saturday Morning

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Perfect day for the Annual Stormy Weather Art Festival today….. lots of stuff going on in town…..!

And, YES!  It is stormy today!  This morning, WSW 13ft @ 9-13 sec’s with SSW winds 5-10mph, air and water at 55 with 100% chance of rain.  High tide was at 5:04a, and sunrise at 8:02a with low tide at 10:21am.  Later today, SW 13-15ft@ 10 sec’s with SSW winds 5-10mph, high of 58 and 100% chance of rain, high tide at 3:53p.   Tonight, sunset at 5:55pm, and SW swell at 15ft with intervals around 10 sec’s with SSW winds 10-15mph, low of 51 and 70% chance of rain.

Sunday: WSW 12-15ft@ 10 sec’s with S winds 5-12mph, low of 52, high of 60, clouds and 20% chance of rain.
Monday: SW 8-10ft@ 10 sec’s with SE winds 5-10mph, 54/65, clouds and 20%
Tuesday: SW 12-15ft@ 8 sec’s with S winds 10-13mph, 53/65, 60% chance of rain later in the day
Wednesday: WSW 15ft@ 12 sec’s with light SE winds, 51/63, am clouds 10%, pm sun breaks
Thursday: WSW 8ft@ 13 sec’s with light SSE winds, 53/64, mostly cloudy and 10%
Friday: SW 6-7ft@ 12 sec’s with SSE winds 5-10mph, 49/60, clouds and 60%