Saturday Morning

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Cloudy and light rain this morning, West swell 4.9ft@ 6.4-13 sec’s and light SSW winds, air temp 47, water temp at 50.9.  Low tide was at 4:21am, sunrise at 6:23am and high tide at 10am.  This afternoon, W 3-4ft@ 13 sec’s with SW winds 10-15mph, high of 52, clouds and 70% chance of rain. Low tide at 4:32pm.  Tonight W 3ft@12 sec’s with S winds 5-10mph, low of 45 , clouds and 20% chance of rain.   Took a short drive south to Hug Point…… more yellow tape blocking any parking an jersey concrete barriers at both Hug Point and Arcadia Beach….. sad state of affairs…..  drove through Cannon Beach around 8:30am… a ghost town…. pretty F’ing pathetic………and the majority stand for this…………… or do they???????  Tuesday afternoon.. .after 4p…. cocktails for sanity!!

Sunday: W 2-3ft@ 20 sec’s with W winds 5-10mph, low of 42, high of 56, partly cloudy and 20% chance of rain.
Monday: W 5-6ft@ 16 sec’s  with NW winds 5-10mph, 43/56, partly cloudy and 10%
Tuesday: W 5ft@ 14 sec’s with SSW winds 10-15mph, 47/56, mostly cloudy and 20%
Wednesday: W 3-4ft@ 12 sec’s with SSW winds 15-20mph, 42/55, clouds and 60%
Thursday: W 6-7ft@ 14 sec’s with WNW winds 10-115mph,  45/56, clouds and 40% am
Friday: W 5ft@ 13 sec’s with NNW winds 101-5mph, 45/56, clouds and 20%