Saturday Morning

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Pretty wild morning, had some breaks, then some wind and rain with hale……   but, did get over to Arcadia for the morning pictures and pick up a crab float… Miss Amy still is not a fan of the wind and rain……   48 this morning, WSW 11.8ft@ 7.4-8 sec’s with WNW winds 15-20mph, water temp at 56.5, high tide was at 5:04am, sunrise at 7:37am and low tide at 10:12am.  This afternoon, WNW 12ft@10 sec’s with WNW winds 20-30mph, high of 56 , 60% chance of more wind and rain, high tide at 4pm.  Tonight WNw 12ft@ 10 sec’s with SSW winds 10-15mph, low of 47, clouds and 70% chance of rain. Sunset at 6:23pm.
We will close today by 2p…….  

Sunday: WNW 8-10ft@ 10 sec’s with SW winds 20-30mph, low of 50, high of 58, 80% chance of wind and rain.
Monday:W 7-8ft@ 10 sec’s with SSW winds 15-20mph, 52/59, clouds and 90%
Tuesday: WNW 8-10ft@ 12 sec’s with NW winds 10-15mph, 47/58, clouds and 60% AM
Wednesday: W 6-7ft@ 12 sec’s with N winds 5-10mph, 44/58, partly cloudy and 20%
Thursday: W 3-4ft@ 15 sec’s with NE winds 5-10mph,  47/61, partly cloudy and  10%
Friday: W 3ft@ 13 sec’s with NNW winds 10-15mph, 45/59, clouds and 40% AM