Saturday Morning

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cold……  39 and partly cloudy this morning at daybreak.  West swell 7.5ft@ 7.8-10 sec’s with NE Winds 5-10mph, water temp dropped to 57.7.  Minus low tide at 6:45am and sunrise was at 7:10am.    This afternoon NW 8ft@10 sec’s with N winds 10-15mph, high of 60 and partly cloudy.  High tide at 12:55pm.    Tonight NW 7-8ft@ 10 sec’s with ENE winds 5-10mph, low of 43, mostly clear and 20% chance of rain. Sunset at 7:01p and minus low tide at 7:07pm.
Some have wondered why I have only been taking pictures in the morning of the N side of Haystack rock.  About 2 weeks ago we rescued, Amy, a 9yr old Aussie Shepard, who is about 35 lbs over weight, her and I bonded…  but, she has never really been on walks, and so we have been taking it easy on her.  Also, getting her in either our truck or suv, is an undertaking…..  she stays within 2 feet of us all the time…. and I must say, just a sweetheart of a dog.  So….. every morning and evening we take our walk, go  a little bit further each time……. we do look forward to taking her to all the different beaches in the area…….. 

Sunday: NW 5-7ft@ 10 sec’s with NE winds 10-15mph, low of 40, high of 59, partly cloudy and  10% chance of rain.
Monday: W 3-4ft@ 12 sec’s with NNE winds 10-15mph, 42/60, sunny and 0%
Tuesday: WSW 3ft@12 sec’s with NNE winds 10-15mph, 45/63, sunny and 0%
Wednesday: SW 2-3ft@ 14 sec’s with S winds 5-10mph, 50/61, clouds and 40% PM
Thursday: W 4-5ft@ 13 sec’s with SW winds 5-10mph, 49/59, clouds and 40%
Friday: NW 7-8ft@ 12 sec’s with SSW winds 10-15mph, 50/59, clouds and 40% AM