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Dregs Skateboards

Owned by “Biker” Sherlock,  we feel that if Biker feels confident in being towed at 90.5mph on one of his boards, then we think that he must be committed to building the best!

So, we pretty much only carry his boards.

You can see some videos on the Dreg website:

Dregs Skateboards

Gordon & Smith #35 of 100 signed ” Street Cruiser”

30″ X 9″ with gullwing trucks and  Dregs 70mm wheels $275

The “Big un”…. 54″ X 10 3/4” cruiser

70mm wheels with Gullwing charger trucks


(2)  H Street Skateboards  (by Dregs),  32″ X 8 1/4″ with 54mm wheels and gullwing trucks     $99  each

Shaun White, composite Classic

22″ X 6″ with 60mm wheels

Black, white, blue and pink    $60

42″ X 10″,  “Bomb Squad” with 70mm “luv yo mutha” soy wheels and Gullwing trucks         $ 210

30″ X 8″ Dreggs

with gullwing charger 50 trucks and dregs Lambeda 66mm wheels…$175


42.5″ “Crescent” Boogie Board


Handboards, made by Danny Hess


Victoria “Woody” Skimboards

Made in the USA 

Marine grade plywood with Fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin  

Med – XLarge $95

Small $90