Page updated on 7-11-2019

We welcome custom orders from all of our shapers!



9’4″ Dewey Weber Stylist, single fin.  The nose is solid Blue, pictures show the reflection of the sky!

With Fin and Stay Covered Leash    $1275

9’2″, Robert August, “What I ride” model,  2+1 fins, tail block

22.5″ X 3″, 18″ Nose, 15.5″ Tail

$1095  with fins and leash

9’2″ Robert August, “Wingnut II” model, solid gray bottom and rails, reflection of the sun in the pics.

Tail Block, 2 stringers, resin tint, single fin     22.5″ X 3″, Nose 17.5″, Tail 15″ with fin and leash


8’6″ Linden  “Catalina”    23″ X 3″  With fins and Stay Covered Leash


8′ Linden “Catalina”   23″ X 3″  with fins and Stay Covered Leash























 Gary Linden, Classic 6″10″ single fin (Like we used to ride in the early 70’s!) 22 1/2″ X 2 7/8″, 14″ nose, 13 1/2″ tail.   The deck patch on this board is made of Agave fabric, developed by Gary Linden to be used in his 100% agave surfboard which is in the development stage.  This is truly one of a kind!  Gloss deck, sanded bottom, one beautiful board!! Pictures don’t do it justice!

  $800 with fin and leash.