Monday Morning

Monday, March 4, 2019

Car temp said 29, but with the wind chill, had to be 20-22, clear and the sun is coming out for a beautiful day here in Cannon Beach. WNW 5.9ft@ 6.7 – 14 sec’s and E winds 5-10+mph.  Water temp at 47.5, low tide was at 5am, sunrise at 6:49am and high tide at 10:51am.  Later WNW 4ft@13 sec’s with E winds 5-10mph, high of 45 (wind chill will keep it in the high 30’s) sunny and 0% chance of rain. Low tide at 5:41pm.  Tonight WNW 4ft@13 sec’s with E winds 5-10mph, low of 26 and clear with 0% chance of rain. Sunset at 6:06pm.
We closed yesterday, and after taking a bit of time to go with our granddaughters to the Zoo in Portland, I am thinking we may close on Sunday’s more often.    We left the Corporate world on Nov. 15th, 1998 and started our own mini corp.  Since then we have pretty much worked 24 /7  for the last 20+ years.  Now that we have downsized, and  loving it,  time for a bit more family time, before we take the “dirt nap”…… BTW, was cold at the zoo…. temp said 40, but the wind chill had to have   at 30…. and wind……

Tuesday: W 3-4ft@ 13 sec’s with NE winds 5-10mph, low of 32, high of 49, partly cloudy and 0% chance of rain.
Wednesday: NW 3ft@13 sec’s with N winds 5-10mph, 34/44, clouds and 20%
Thursday: WNW 3-4ft@ 14 sec’s with SSW winds 5-10mph, 35/45, clouds 80% rain or snow
Friday: WNW 3-4ft@ 12 sec’s with NNW winds 5-10mph, 34/46, clouds and 30% AM
Saturday: WNW 4-5ft@ 13 sec’s with NE winds 5-10mph, 34/50, partly cloudy and 10%
Sunday: WNW 7-8ft@13 sec’s with NE winds 5-10mph, 35/53 sunny and 10%