Friday , Veteran’s Day

Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veteran’s Day!  Especially want to wish a great day to my daughter and son, both proud Vet’s!   And, want to make sure we wish Sandy, who works here a very good Veteran’s Day….    As most people know that visit our shop, pretty much every day around here is Veteran’s Day…. all you have to do is look around a bit…..  All of our Vet friends, have a great day! 
And, for our Canadian friends:  Remembrance Day!  I know we will see some of you down here this weekend!  Sorry the surf will be….. “interesting”……. but CB is still a great place to be!

This morning, W 9ft@ 10 -13 sec’s with  light SSE winds, water temp at 56, air temp at 53, clouds but dry. Sunrise was at 7:11a, and high tide at 9:20am.  Later today, W 10-12ft@ 12 sec’s with SSE winds picking up to 10-20mph later, high of 65, clouds and 20% chance of rain, low tide at 3:52p and sunset at 4:48pm.  Tonight, W 12ft@ 10 sec’s with S winds 15-25mph, low of 55, cloudy and 100% chance of rain, high tide at 9:54pm.

Saturday: W 10-12ft@ 10 sec’s with SW winds 10-15mph, low of 49, high of 58, am clouds and 40% chance of rain.
Sunday: WSW 7-8ft@ 10 sec’s with S winds 10-16mph, 53/57, clouds and 90%
Monday: SW 10-12ft@ 10 sec’s with SSW winds 10-16mph, 48/57, clouds and 70%
Tuesday: W 12-15ft@ 12 sec’s with SSE winds 5-10mph, 45/57, 70% PM light rain
Wednesday: W 12-15ft@ 14 sec’s with light WSW winds, 43/52, clouds and 60%
Thursday: WNW 8-10ft@ 14 sec’s with light SSW winds, 44/54, clouds and 60%