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Western Colorado University


From Holly,
Wanted to thank Jules for the lesson in May. I have had really great days on the water since then. Got green water today, dropped in from the top and almost ate it because I was so excited/surprised. Fantastic end to what turned out to be a super-craptastic week.
Thank you!

Group from Univ. of Idaho


Group from N. Idaho College


More Lesson shots:

IMG_15212009-07-NorthWestSurf042 IMG_1519 IMG_1520 DSC_0483

and, what happens without a lesson:


Hi Mark,
I just wanted to thank you so much for hooking me up with that board this week. I am so excited to have my very own board! I actually had a friend help me get it up the stairs to my apartment for the first night because I wanted to hang out with it before having to store it in the garage. I can’t wait to get it waxed up and in the water.

I really want to thank you and your staff at the shop. I’ve wanted to learn to surf for almost fifteen years, but I’d always told myself I wouldn’t be able to do it. When I finally got the courage up to call for a lesson, I found your staff to be so kind and friendly and attitude-free. If I had been uncomfortable, I probably would have dropped it and never tried again. But you guys really create a great learning environment for newbies, and lessons with Jules couldn’t possibly be any better – great instruction, tons of patience, emphasis on having a completely rad time. Thanks for making this whole thing an excellent experience for me. I might be the world’s slowest learner, but I’m determined to stick with it! It’s better than I even thought it would be.


In reply to your comment of “spiritual Minute”, i can only say this:
You are finally getting it. Thats what it is all about for me. I know that no one will ever stand in the parking lot at Indian and say “wow look at that guy…he kicks ass!”, but that is not what it is about.
Its about an early morning drive in peace, leaving the crap in the city behind and soaking up the beauty of the Coast Range.
Its about pulling in to the lot at Indian, and meeting nice people, like Bob, and making new friends.
Its about that special feeling you get when Mark pulls into the lot and flips you off, then gives you that big grin and says “lets go little girl, no white water for you today”
Its about stopping by the shop afterwards, talking with Maria, Charles, Sandy and Kelly, knowing you can just be yourself and you are spending time with quality folks.
Its about driving back to the city a little more whole, a little healed, storing that feeling up until you can get back down to the beach.

So, “spiritual”? Hell yes, but not just for a minute. For a life time.

Just wanted to say Thanks for the morning report, and I enjoy your rants. I know it takes extra time out of your morning and I imagine there are lots of people who look forward to your waxing.

Hi Julie, My brother Michael and I took surf lessons from you last week. I just wanted to say thanks for being so helpful and giving me an awesome, new life experience!

Hey Julie! I just wanted to thank you again for taking my sister, brother in law and myself surfing today! I had an awesome time and I want to come back soon and give it another try. Alan and I went back out and did pretty well! It would have been so cool if you could have stayed and hung out with us but I figured you had more important thing to do. It was really nice meeting you though.


Hi Julie,
Thanks again for a great day at the beach! McKenna and Maddi agreed that surfing was their favorite thing we did in Oregon, and we really appreciate all you did to make it easy and fun for them to learn!
Thanks again,
The Barness Family from South Dakota
Bryan, Leslee, McKenna & Maddi


Cannon Beach Surf! You guys rock! Everyone we met at the shop was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to, made the whole experience that much better! And as it turns out, perfectly represented all the locals we ran into the rest of the week. You completely forget that you are tourists. Can’t remember the last time we have been anywhere where we could say that, amazing area. Not to mention the surfing! It’s safe to say that there are 5 new surfer converts. Christy and I are already looking at our next surfing adventure in La Push, hope to do those lessons some justice ;).

Hey my Lithuanian Retired Cop buddy says that Banglenciu is the lithuanian word for surfing.
BANG LEN CHU is how it sounds.

:>Hi! I just came in today for rentals and just wanted to let you guys know how happy we were with the service at your shop. We had a great time today surfing, the equipment was great, and we all were very impressed with the customer service! Just thought you should know that we all had great things to say about the experience on the drive back to Portland. I will definitely be coming back and giving recommendations to friends! Thanks again! Karen

Mark and the Gang at Cannon Beach Surf,

I just wanted to send a short letter of gratitude for a great day. We took our first surf lesson on Monday(8/25) morning and it was better than I could have expected. I have wanted to surf for a very long time, I found your lesson info on the web about a year prior, and I am ever so happy when expectations are exceeded. Paloma was very articulate and had a noticeable passion for surfing, Thank You! THANK YOU!
Michael Benninghello

my name is matt lewis. me and my family came to cannon beach last friday and saturday. we rented all the surf gear and all that and took lessons from julie, or the bird? well all i want to say is that thanks a ton. me and my three little sisters had the best time ever. the beach was awesome, our instructor was the best(she was super helpfull), and every one else in the shop was steller. so thanks again. i will be coming back.
so pass the word on that you guys are pretty much the best ever.
and another big thanks from canada just wanted to thank you all for the great times we had learning to surf with you guys. Julie was a great instructor, please thank her for us. We all had a blast and were surprised how well we did!We all hope to come back again some time!Thanks again for the friendly attitude, great times and of course the surf.
(Sean, Scott (the other guy), and Hayley)

Hey Mark!
Renting a board from you revived my respect for people and love for the ocean.Thank-you for a great local experience.I’ll be seeing ya, take care!Amanda (Mandi, goofy hooded candy butt)Hi Julie! Thank you again for the great surf lesson. Love, Dylan


Thank you, Julie. Love, Liam


Good Morning Mark and Staff;
Just wanted to say thanks for the great services you all provide. My cousins had so much fun with their surf lesson, I think they are ready for the pro tour, hahaha.
Thanks Again for all You Do,
Jacques VarvelLuke
Douglas and I are still talking about how fun the surfing lesson was! Thanks a bunch.

I’d like to thank all of you at the shop for accommodating and tolerating our multiple daily visits and I especially want to thank you for your hospitality. It was a truly memorable trip for our family. We are definitely on the same page with your shop’s operating philosophy, and we’ll support you with future purchases.
Anyway – thanks again and we look forward to seeing you soon.